How often have you had to delete old photos and videos to free up space on your device?
This common, and often inconvenient, practice tends to be tedious and time-consuming.

Photornado seeks to simplify and speed up this process by helping you find, compare, and delete unneeded media files.

Quick Selection
Save time by choosing dozens of files in just a few taps – all you need to do is tap the first file and double-tap the last one

Compare Similar Images
Compare similar images by zooming into specific areas, and use the navigation keys to view a photo with your last used magnification and selection settings

Time and Media Type Filters
Delete specific media files by setting up a filter by time range (all time, last week, last month, and last 6 months) and media type (all types, photos, panoramas, screenshots, live, videos, and time-lapse)

Certain media files are sorted by their type, these include: Favorites (all of your favorite media files), Longest videos (all of your videos, sorted from longest to shortest), Duplicates, and Serial shots (photos taken within a short time frame)

Photo Analysis
Special tools help identify the contents of a photo, be it Low Lighting (photos that are too dark), Selfie (photos that include one person and have been taken with a frontal camera), Photo in company (includes more than two people), or Documents (photos of documents on light-colored paper, available with iOS 11)

Swipe Gestures
Switch between files and delete unnecessary media with the swipe of a finger

Compact Mode
Devices with smaller screens can be used in horizontal mode, in which only the most essential elements will be shown to save screen space

Single Question Asked
You will be asked to confirm the deletion of unneeded media files only once, when you have selected everything that you wanted to

Undo Actions
If you accidentally delete the wrong file, simply shake your device to cancel the last action

Recycle Bin for Deleted Files
Media files that have been marked for deletion will remain in the recycle bin every time you start up the app, so you won’t have to worry that a media cleanup has been interrupted

If you find any interesting media files while cleaning out your media library, you can share them with other people from within the app